CCG president shares views at opening of exhibition on China-US trade in Hong Kong

Tuesday,Dec 11, 2018


On December 13, 2018, CCG President Wang Huiyao gave an opening speech at a seminar on Sino-US trade hosted by the Hinrich Foundation in Hong Kong. The event marked the opening of a new exhibition on the history of China-US trade at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.


The event was also attended by Merle A. Hinrich, founder and chairman of the Hinrich Foundation; Kurt Tong, US consul general to Hong Kong and Macau; and Libby Chan,  director of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.


Opening speech by CCG President Wang Huiyao


This new exhibition at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum is a timely reminder that trade between China and the US has a long history, playing an important role as a ballast in the bilateral relationship. China-US trade has taken on further significance in the present period of rocky relations between the two countries. The historical legacy and current importance of trade relations was highlighted in opening remarks given by Merle Hinrich, Kurt Tong, and Wang Huiyao. Following this, Libby Chan introduced the exhibition, entitled “The Dragon and the Eagle: American Traders in China, a Century of Trade from 1784 to 1900.”


Speech by Merle A. Hinrich, chairman of the Hinrich Foundation



Remarks from Kurt Tong, US consul general to Hong Kong and Macau


Libby Chan, Hong Kong Maritime Museum director, introduces the exhibition


To mark the opening of the exhibition, a seminar was held on Sino-US trade relations. The discussion, hosted by Bloomberg “Daybreak Asia” presenter Yvonne Man, featured Merle Hinrich, Kurt Tong, Wang Huiyao, and Libby Chan, as well as Peter Levesque, group managing director of Modern Terminals, and Stephen Olson, research fellow at the Hinrich Foundation.



The seminar saw a lively discussion on the history and outlook for Sino-US trade relations. CCG President Wang Huiyao reviewed the range of benefits brought by the development of Sino-US trade relations and their role in the history of mainland China and Hong Kong, as well as analyzing causes of the current frictions and prospects for future ties. Wang also put forward several proposals to promote the healthy development of the economic relationship.

In the discussion session, Wang emphasized that Hong Kong should consider its positioning in the future international trading system, leveraging current advantages to enhance its role as an international port to spur Hong Kong’s economic development.




In the afternoon of December 13, Wang Huiyao took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition “The Dragon and the Eagle: American Traders in China, a Century of Trade from 1784 to 1900” at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. The exhibition traces the evolution of Sino-US trade relations, from the early stages at the end of the 18th century to the current day and future trajectory of trade ties.

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