Renowned Hudson Institute research fellow speaks at CCG about US policies towards China

Tuesday,Oct 30, 2018


A senior research fellow from the Hudson Institute, Dr. Richard Weitz, was invited to the Center for China and Globalization on Oct. 19 to deliver a presentation about his views of China-US relations. His presence took place only days after US Vice President Pence accused China of attempting to intervene the US mid-term elections during a speech at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., and therefore attracted a great amount of attention.


In his remarks, CCG President Wang Huiyao noted the fact that China and the United States have developed a lot of mutual benefit in the past 40 years of cooperation, and emphasized the need to enhance cultural and people-to-people exchange especially when their trade and economic relations hit a setback. It is also important now to strengthen the communications and cooperation between the think tanks in both countries.


For his part, Dr. Weitz dismissed the perception that Vice President Pence’s criticism signaled the possibility that China and the U.S. will wage another Cold War. Instead, it should be only considered his personal opinion. However, from his speech, we can learn about what the most-focused issues are in the current bilateral relations. Regarding the ongoing China-US trade disputes, he believes that the solution to the conflict of business interest is a key. More dialogues and negotiations are needed before the two governments can find a consensus on the solution.

Dr. Weitz obtained his doctoral degree in political science from the Harvard University and has worked for the Hudson Institute for around 13 years. He is specialized in the research on European, Central Asian and Asian Pacific affairs as well as the US foreign and defense policies.


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