Report on Development of World Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs 2018

Wednesday,Jul 18, 2018


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"Chinese entrepreneurs" is a group of entrepreneurs who are of Chinese origin and active in the world economic field. In a broader sense, they include overseas Chinese entrepreneurs(namely overseas Chinese, who are engaged in business activities all over the world)、entrepreneurs from Hong Kong,Macao,Taiwan and mainland ,China. This book mainly studies overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Rooted in Chinese culture and exposed to international environment, they are world-class talents capable of thinking from both Chinese and Western perspectives.They play an important role in the global economy and China's economic development.

In order to make a comprehensive summary and analysis of Chinese entrepreneurs in the world, after the Report on Development of World Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs (2017), we have continued to compile the Report on Development of World Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs (2018). The whole book consists of the General Report, the Evaluation Reports, Special Issue Reports, and Case Studies.

The General Report summarizes the status, characteristics, change and trend of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs development, focusing on the relationship between Chinese Entrepreneurs and China’s economy, and the role and opportunity of overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs in the the Belt and Road Initiative, and puts forward some suggestions on promoting the overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs in the new period.

In the Evaluation Reports, we developed a set of indicators and designed an evaluation system to rank “the world’s most influential top 10 Chinese entreprises” and “the world’s most influential top 10 Chinese entrepreneurs” based on quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, combined with expert opinions, to introduce influential Chinese enterprises and Chinese entrepreneurs as a reference for the future study of Chinese entrepreneurs.

The Special Issue Reports analyzes Chinese entrepreneurs from different regions and from different groups, such as the Chinese entrepreneurs in Europe, Indonesia, Russia, the Silicon Valley, and overseas Chinese entrepreneurs from Wenzhou and Guangdong. In addition, we have also studied the unique theme of the overseas Chinese family enterprises.

The Case Studies analyzes several typical Chinese enterprises to reflect the development characteristics, the business mode and the path to international development of the Chinese enterprises. These typical Chinese enterprises include overseas Chinese enterprises like Chia Tai Group, Sinar Mas Group and Jollibee Group, Taiwan enterprises like Foxconn group, New wide group, and mainland enterprises like Fuyao Group, Yihai Group.

  • CCG releases new report Understanding the US-China Trade War: Analysis and CCG Recommendations

    Based on CCG’s long-term ongoing research and investigations through visits to the US, the report,titled with Understanding the US-China trade War: Analysis and CCG Recommendations, presents an in-depth, systematic appraisal of Sino-US economic relations. It draws on solid empirical research and data to dispel misunderstandings surrounding the current dispute and puts forward recommendations to resolve current tensions and promote the healthy development of Sino-US relations.

  • CCG holds reform and opening-up 40th anniversary book series launch

    December 19th, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) held its“40 years of reform and opening-up book series launch” at its Beijing headquarters . CCG President Dr Wang Huiyao, announced the publishing of CCG’s three latest research works related to China’s reform and opening-up, The Three Years: recalling the classes of 77, 78 and 79; The Rising Tide: Forty Years of Chinese Enterprise Going Overseas and What’s Next for Globalization? Great Changes and China’s Proposed Approaches. In addition to the above three titles, the event also marked the launch of CCG Senior Fellow, former deputy-Director of the Ministry of Commerce and former researcher at the China International Economic Exchange Center, Li Luosa’s book titled China Goes to Globalization: a Study of China’s Opening-up Strategy and Economic Trade Policy.

  • 【China Daily】7 Chinese think tanks rank in world top 100

    Chinese think tanks performed better in 2018, with seven among the world’s top 100 according to a recent international report.

  • Trump speech accused of showing Cold War mentality

    The US should not perceive China as a rival and should stop hyping the rhetoric to gain military and political mileage, experts warned following US President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address.

  • Gao Zhikai: China is a strong defender of racial equality

    As China is fully committed to promoting the One Belt, One Road Initiative and the common destiny of mankind, China should redouble its commitment to fighting against discrimination of all kinds, including those based on race or the color of the skin.