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What do you remember of the life-changing gaokao?

Monday,Jun 12, 2017

From: China Daily





  • FTAAP better choice in Asia-Pacific, say Chinese experts

    “Only when China and US agree on the future global economic rules and jointly promote the establishment of the FTAAP will it be possible for the Asia-Pacific to achieve the goal of global economic growth,” Wang Huiyao, director of the Center for China Globalization, said during a recent forum.

  • Who is travelling to China? CCG New research gives insights

    Among many experiences in China, traffic has the highest satisfaction among all tourists and the high-speed trains have become a feature that tourists won’t miss.

  • Laurence Brahm:The Artists – 1981 Re-visited

    With massive real estate developments and the transformation of China’s cities, new social and societal demands have called for cultural and art centers, and with the scale is the need for creativity to fill the spaces.

  • 【CGTN】Political determination key to Sino-U.S. trade solution

    The nine-month standoff has exerted tremendously negative effects on the economy, prompting the two countries to the clinch a deal as soon as possible, Wang Huiyao, founder and president of the Center for China and Globalization(CCG), told CGTN.

  • Former Sinopec chairman urges update on globalization thinking

    Globalization, in the end, lies in the competition at a national level and enterprises’ level worldwide. Therefore, at the current stage, the priority for Chinese enterprises lies in the elevation of their own competitiveness among their global counterparts.