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He Weiwen: Duterte visit makes a big push to bilateral relationship

Tuesday,Nov 01, 2016

From: CCTV




From CCTV, Oct. 21, 2016

  • Andy Mok: Sanya city, where beauty and intelligence go together

    But to have a positive impact on the world, being beautiful isn’t enough for either people or cities. Perhaps the more important and interesting question is – what does one do with that beauty?

  • 【China Daily】Looming US-China trade war is mere hype

    Donald Trump’s stiff tariffs on Chinese imports have again refueled the concerns of a looming war, but we should refrain from blindly following this hype and approach the challenge in a rational way.

  • Drawing top workers a problem

    With high-end workers leaving and insufficient high-end foreign personnel, China lags behind the world in attracting an international workforce and urgently needs to take action to solve the problem, a report has found.

  • Scholars: Trump’s team should help him treat China-US relationship carefully

    The day before Trump takes office, in order to prepare for more comprehensive analyses and suggestions for tackling bilateral relations between China and US, The Center for China and Globalization (CCG) recently released the report “Trump’s Coming Era: Challenges, Opportunities and Policy Responses” and held a seminar to launch it.

  • 【China Daily】Wang Huiyao: Digital economy needs global governance

    From the G20 and World Economic Forum to national development plans and think tank research reports, in recent years, the “digital economy” has become a buzzword and risen to the top of many countries’ and businesses’ agenda.