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【CGTN Dialogue】Is China going to join TPP?

Monday,Feb 27, 2017

From: CGTN



After Trump pulled the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which took years of negotiations, many countries - such as Australia and New Zealand - are encouraging China to consider to join it in order to avoid its collapse, eventually replacing the US as head of the deal.

Nowadays, the gap between China and US aspirations is increasing, with Trump’s “America first” policy on the one hand, and China promoting globalization and free trade on the other. China is broadly committed in multilateral trade, being already a member of RCEP and FTAAP. Why should it consider to join TPP? And most importantly, is it ready to take the leadership role in the deal?

Among the countries advocating the inclusion of China in TPP is Chile, one of the four small but open economies founding members of the Asia-Pacific regional trade agreement, and linked to PRC by strong trade ties. Xi Jinping paid his first state visit to Chile last year, to enhance the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Yang Rui of CGTN interviewed Jorge Heine - Chile ambassador to China - and Wang Huiyao - President of Center for China and Globalization (CCG) -, who shared their views about the issue.

In Mr. Wang’s view, the US withdrawal from the agreement represents a positive opportunity for China to jump in it. TPP is already a mature and upgraded deal, mainly involved with services and investments, where China is playing a major role in these times. The future of China is actually in service trade, so TPP provides a very good value for it.
From CNTN, February ,  2017



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