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【CGTN】Media Cooperation: CGTN joins hands with leading think tank CCG

Monday,Apr 02, 2018

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News organization China Global Television Network has reached a cooperative deal with the country’s leading independent think tank to facilitate quality news production and strengthen global outreach. A signing ceremony was held on Tuesday afternoon at the Beijing International Hotel. Meng Qingsheng has the details.

A partnership to better connect China with the outside world. The signing ceremony brings together CGTN, China’s flagship international media organization and the country’s top ranking independent think tank -- Center for China and Globalization. CGTN Managing Director Jiang Heping says since the organization’s launch a year ago, it has been working out new ways to promote media integration.

JIANG HEPING MANAGING DIRECTOR, CGTN "The West and the East need more dialogues instead of confrontation. We need to integrate the wise power of the think tank with global communication skills, so that we can improve our global outreach and public diplomacy, present a multi-dimensional and colorful China, and build up a community of common destiny."

CCG chairman Long Yongtu says the think tank is a crucial carrier of national soft power, and for the past decade since its establishment, it has been working to promote the country’s openness.

LONG YONGTU CHAIRMAN, CENTER FOR CHINA & GLOBALIZATION "There’s a strong demand on the international side for a rational voice from China. And also on the Chinese side, we also have a strong demand to make what happened in China correctly understood by the international community."

Both CGTN and CCG are setting up a committee to evaluate global hot issues, so as to strengthen news gathering and production. The two sides held a forum focusing on integration after the signing ceremony. The think tank also released ten suggestions on how to secure stable, long-term economic and trade relations with the US. Meng Qingsheng, CGTN, Beijing.

From CGTN, 2018-3-27




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