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【CGTN】 Vice Premier Liu He: A New Structural Transformation

Wednesday,Oct 31, 2018




On Oct. 19, Chinese Vice-Premier Liu said that the country will strive to maintain steady economic growth and properly ward off financial risks with the macro leverage ratio kept relatively stable.

Does the economy fluctuation matter though? Can we lay the whole blames at President Trump storm? Are we heading for financial crisis? If so, how will government intend to steer the ship out to common water?


To discuss the above issues and hopefully more, I enjoyed the studio by Wang Huiyao, President of Center for China and Globalization (CCG),  Andy Mok, Founder and managing director of Red Pagoda Resources, and Jeffrey Towson, Proffesor of Peking University.


From CGTN, 2018-10-20

  • U.S. energy official impressed by China’s emission cuts

    China has shown “impressive seriousness” about combating climate change despite economic pressures, according to a senior U.S. energy official.

  • 【China Daily】| Open for business

    The Shanghai expo, which will be held annually, is set to demonstrate clearly to an international audience that the nation’s economy is no longer purely the “Made in China” manufacturing powerhouse of recent years, but is now driven by consumers who want to buy what the world has to offer.

  • China could help US rebuild aging infrastructure, thinktank says

    China and the United States will both benefit if they work together on infrastructure construction, a top think tank reported on April 5. The report is titled Infrastructure Cooperation: New Opportunities for US-China Relations and published by Beijing-based Center for China and Globalization(CCG). It explains how several projects in which Chinese companies have entered the US market are helping the US government meet goals set by President Donald Trump during his campaign.

  • Globalization to continue with rising cross-border investment

    As the development of science and technology continues to connect the world, and a rising middle class demands better products and services, globalization will not stop and trade will be revitalized, said Long Yongtu, chairman of the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) at a globalization conference.

  • 【China Daily】International plan draws foreign students

    When Thai student Patcharamai Sawanaporn finished college last year, she wanted a change of scenery that could help her grow into a more confident person and to experience a culture she had little contact with. The 25-year-old was enrolled in…